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February 29 - March 3, 2024 | Omni La Mansíon del Rio | San Antonio, Texas





Admiral (Retired)

Connie Mariano, MD


Speaker & Emerge Daughters Mentor


Admiral Mariano is the former White House Doctor to 3 US Presidents, is an author, the host of House Calls with Dr. Connie podcast, and the founder of Center for Executive Medicine in Arizona.

She has broken many barriers to include:

  • First military woman to become a White House Physician for the President
  • First woman to become Director of the White House Medical Unit
  • First Filipino American in US history to become a Navy Rear Admiral


Dawn Sears, MD

Speaker & Founder

Dena George, MD

Speaker & Founder

Dr. Dena George is passionate about living a life filled with love and service.  She’s most proud of the depth and connection in the relationships with her husband, son, and circle of friends. 


Professionally, she serves as a Hospitalist in her local community. She is a co-founder of this CME conference, and host of Create an Unstoppable Life podcast.


As a lover of learning and collector of experiences, she has lived abroad, worked with AmeriCorps, served as a Family Physician in the US Army with a deployment to Iraq, completed a fellowship in Hospitalist medicine, and started her own business.

Errin Weisman, DO

Speaker & Emerge Daughters Mentor

Dr. Errin Weisman is a physician, life coach, podcaster and mother of three. She speaks openly on her experience of professional burnout early in a family medicine career. The goal is to help others, particularly physicians, high achieving professionals and working parents, know they are not alone and that a joy-filled and sustainable career is possible. Dr. Weisman wholeheartedly believes to be a healer, you must first fill your own cup.

Michelle Quirk, MD

Movement Leader & Small Group Guide

Dr. Michelle Quirk is a board-certified pediatrician and a certified run coach with the RoadRunners Club of America (RRCA). She founded Mindful Marathon to help make running easyand fun for busy professionals. Using an informed, enjoyable, and effective approach, she coaches her athletes to a life-long love of running!

Laurel Kilpatrick, MD

Speaker & Small Group Guide

Dr. Laurel Kilpatrick is a certified Life Coach with a passion for supporting women physicians and working moms. Her coaching focuses on time management and energy management, eliminating guilt and preventing burnout so physicians can stay well and continue to practice medicine. As a practicing palliative care physician, Dr. Kilpatrick knows just how precious this one beautiful life we get to live truly is. After experiencing burnout herself, Dr. Kilpatrick focuses on developing meaningful relationships and creating precious moments of joy each day. She is married to a physician, has 3 incredible boys who she loves cheering for from the sideline of any sport.

Kristina Kypuros, MD

Speaker & Emerge Daughters Mentor

Dr. Kristina Kypuros is a board certified Pediatrician and Pediatric Critical Care Intensivist, Investor, Innovator, and Visionary. She transitioned her journey from the traditional academic physician to private practice and now practices medicine as a full- time locums physician. Furthermore, alongside her husband they are actively building a multimillion dollar real estate portfolio in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

She serves as a consultant and speaker to other high earning professionals, primarily physicians, to help them transition to locums, real estate, and/or innovation. Her vision is to impact the lives of 100 physicians per year to optimize their life in or out of medicine. She is committed to up-leveling and empowering the journey of physicians. Therefore, Dr. Kypuros created "MamaDocsUnleashed" with 7 other incredible physician moms and entrepreneurs to enable women to unleash their full potential.

Robyn Tiger, MD

Movement/Meditation Leader & Small Group Guide

Dr. Robyn Tiger is a double board certified physician in Diagnostic Radiology & Lifestyle Medicine. As founder of StressFreeMD, she is deeply passionate about teaching physicians a whole person approach to relieving stress, building resilience and improving their overall health and well-being.

Laurie Boge, DO

Small Group Guide


Aval Green, MD

Speaker & Energy Infuser

Dr. Aval Green is a wife, mother, physician and friend who aspires to be good soil where wonderful things can grow.

Amanda Hill, JD


Amanda Hill, JD, is a healthcare attorney in Austin, Texas. She is passionate about representing and working with doctors and healthcare groups. She loves to share her passion for protecting physicians and opening up conversations with doctors about areas of risk in their practices.  She is also the founder of Guard My Practice, an online program to safeguard your practice and career.

Tracey O'Connell, MD

Speaker & Expressive Writing Leader

Dr. Tracey O’Connell is an educator and coach, fostering positive self-worth, psychological safety, and shame resilience with physicians, teens, and LGBTQ+ as a certified facilitator of expressive writing and Brené Brown's programs. Her change of direction came after many years of feeling “not enough” as a person, a physician, a parent, or a partner. Tracey has found that intentional writing gives us access to who we really are, helps us gain self-trust and self-compassion, culminating in a more authentic and wholehearted way of belonging to the world. She has lived in Durham/Chapel Hill, NC since 1992, beginning her medical career in radiology.

Stephanie Pearson, MD


Dr. Stephanie Pearson is a distinguished board-certified OB/GYN, an educator, and a visionary advocate for physician well-being. Rooted in Bryn Mawr, PA, Stephanie's tumultuous journey shaped her commitment to serving and empowering her fellow healthcare professionals on the importance of Disability and Life Insurance.  She is CEO and co-founder of PearsonRavitz, a prominent insurance advisory firm.


"I feel seen, heard, and understood."

Emerge Community Member

"What I liked most about the conference was seeing that we are a community of strong women that have suffered, but have the ability to make changes and thrive."

ACE Conference Attendee

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