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Meaningful Marketing & Messaging

Develop a clear & focused message about your business that tells people how their life will change through working with you.  Together we'll create the mindset and strategy to set your marketing apart from others.

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for Women Physicians & Dentists

A community of women who are committed to meaningful connection through unique gatherings.  We are stronger together and are all working to create our own version of a better life.

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Women Warrior Healers

An exclusive community for Women Physicians & Dentists who have served, or are serving, in the United States Military.  

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Be Clear & Focused

Communicate precisely to people you can help.  Your clarity shows them how life will change from working with you.

Delight & Inspire

Share a message to your ideal customer so powerful that they can't wait to work with you.

Serve More People With Ease

A clear and focused message allows you to spend more time with your customers.  You know exactly who they are and where to find them. 

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Medical School Didn't Teach You This


Marketing is essential - people need to know how you can help them and where to start.

It's absolutely possible to share an authentic offer to help without being cheesy.  (I'll show you how.)


Your Guide

Dena George, MD

Physicians create the most amazing solutions to problems. . . and then get stuck when it comes to marketing.  As a fellow physician and StoryBrand Marketing Guide, I'll help you become more clear and focused.  You'll feel excited to share what your business creates for others.

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Getting Started is Simple

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We’ll explore where you are at, where you want to go, and how the combination of marketing, messaging & mindset can help you get there faster.

Commit to the Process

I’ll guide you through the obstacles that physicians must overcome to create marketing and messaging with ease.

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Enjoy Your Business

A clear and focused business (and owner) exceeds customer expectations and creates raving fans.


I was overwhelmed but motivated before we began. I wanted copy that really shared the essence of this work and how it helps others. Dena’s words instantly resonated, and the Story Brand plan was concrete and able to be executed right away. I feel proud and excited now. I learned that a new way of messaging is possible and how to convey it visually to others. Within 24 hours of putting the new copy and redesigning the landing page, there were 8 new people signed up for the community.
Ni-Cheng Liang, MD
Mindful Healthcare Collective

Grow Your Mindset & Marketing

Download “Renew Your Marketing & Messaging – a Mindset & Strategy Guide for Physicians.”

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