Meaningful Connection


Unique Gatherings 

for Women Physicians and Dentists



Join us for conversation & community that will help you go farther in life.


Sunday, June 4th

6 pm Central

Thursday, July 20th

6 pm Central 


Join Us and Emerge from What Holds You Back


Become Stronger


Go Farther


Join The Community

All Women Physicians & Dentists Welcome





We are made for more.


We are called to live and give at a higher level.


We climb together and rise together.


We soar, fall, pause for each other, and continue on the journey.


We remind ourselves, and each other, of the greater purpose of our lives.


We create what’s missing and evolve what can be better.


We share hope, care, concern, and solutions.


We Emerge from What Holds Us Back. . .

Become Stronger. . .

AND Go Farther.


Community Building begins

January 1st, 2023

Unique In-Person Gatherings

Late 2023/Early 2024

Join the Journey with Others Who Are Also Emerging.

All Women Physicians & Dentists Welcome

Meet Your Guides

Dawn Sears, MD

Meet an all around amazing human.  Dawn is many things to many people. . . and to those who have experienced the magic of the events she creates, she is a dear friend.

Dena George, MD

Dena is a lover of learning, guided by curiosity, and "has a way with words". . . most of the time it's helpful.  (Big smile)  She is deeply invested in creating meaningful events.